[mythtv] build problem

Mark Spieth mark at digivation.com.au
Mon Apr 7 04:11:10 UTC 2008


>which distro are you using?  I just had this same problem.  Did a

debian lenny

>update-alternatives --config qmake
>and that would let me choose which qt to use.

I did this the other day (self evident when I did my first build). this is 
not the problem.

the problem is that -L/usr/lib is before all other -L params in a generated 
this means that it will grab say

libmythtv-0.22.so from this dir ahead of the one in the build tree.
since the one installed in /usr/lib is build with the previous qt3 builder, 
it is not valid and has missing symbols. thus the link fails.

so far I havent figured out why qmake-qt4 puts this -L/usr/lib ahead of all 
other lib paths.


>> there appears to be an issue with dependencies in linking the new qt4 
>> build
>>  and you also have an existing qt3 build installed on the same system.
>>  -L/usr/lib is inserted before all other paths. thus its linking with the
>>  existing installed libs instead of the new libs and thus cant resolve 
>> some
>>  symbols (mythfrontend in particular).
>>  not sure how to fix this yet short of removing myth from the build 
>> machine
>>  which I dont want to do for obvious reasons.
>>  It may be in config.mak where it unnecessarily inserts them for various
>>  device libs.
>>  will report when I figure it out if noone else does first.

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