[mythtv] New win32-packager and installer

Arnon Meshoulam arnonm at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 21:36:14 UTC 2008


I have uploaded a new version of the Win32 Mythinstaller, building on
nigels's great work - is is available in svn patch 5160
Interested parties will probably be testers/developers of Win32, and
packagers of the setup.

The new version has a number of key features:
- re-packaged as a batch file, requiring only ActivePerl installed on the
- Support for head/revisions, trunk and release-fixes
- Compiles mythtv, mythplugins and myththemes
- Supports various options through command line options
- Creates a Win32 setup package, based on innosetup, which is completely
standalone for distribution.
Although still work in progress, it allows a frontend only, or full
backend/frontend installation, including
download of requirements (MySQL). A sample is available at
http://www.meshoulam.plus.com/mythtv/  based on release-021-fixes svn 16468

The script has been tested on a vanilla machine for a few configurations
 - trunk 16468, trunk head
 - release-021-fixes head and 16468

Some usages:
MythInstaller.bat -h
- Print usage
MythInstaller.bat -v
- Compile mythtv based on trunk svn 16468
MythInstaller.bat -v -r head
- Compile mythtv based on trunk head
MythInstaller.bat -v -b
- Compile mythtv based on release-021-fixes svn 16468
MythInstaller.bat -v -b -t
- include some patches which are still not accepted and needed for Win32
MythInstaller.bat -v -b -t -t
- Same but package and create setup at the end
To download:
- Until it is accepted into svn, download the rar/zip file (ticket_1560.rar)
in the patch and place all in the same directory.
Then run MythInstaller.bat
The script will temporarly move any missing files into svn once it creates
the local copy.

Once I get some feedback, I will write up a wiki page, with some details of
the scripts created on the way, and TODOs left

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