[mythtv] mythtv 0.21 on armel architecture

Andreas Bach Aaen usenet at bachaaen.dk
Fri Apr 4 18:23:26 UTC 2008


Fredag den 4. April 2008 skrev Nigel Pearson:
> > In the the file mythtv-0.21/libs/libavcodec/libavcodec.pro
> > it expects to find the file mpegvideo_armv5te.S, but
> > mpegvideo_armv5te.c is the one to use. So no assembler but a
> > c-file instead.
> Just fixed in mythtv-0-21-fixes and trunk.

Fine. I expect this will be fixed in one of the next Debian Multimedia 
packages then, now that it's fixed upstream :-)

> > libs/libmythtv/dbcheck.cpp
> > This file gives me an out-of memory when compiling.
> Yes. It has a lot of static strings in it.
> Some of the gcc flags like -fwritable-strings
> -fdata-sections may help work around the bug?

Should I just add these two flags to the 
QMAKE_CFLAGS_{RELEASE|DEBUG} variable in the .pro file?

> > How can I twist the .pro makefiles to set the compile flags to
> > some thing special for the above two files?
> I haven't found a clean way to do this yet.

It seems that there aren't a clean way for this.
> Either change the optimisation for the whole directory:

Will this have any negative impact on performance, when I only use the 
backend on my slow server, record from DVB-T in mpeg2 and serve the 
files for a frontend that can play mpeg2 over nfs (www.mvpmc.org) ?
I don't do any reencoding on the backend.

> or make, cut and paste the command that failed,
> remove/change the -03, and then run make again.

This was what I did, to check if everything else worked - but it's a 
manual process and hence not good enough.
I would prefer to get a patch upstream for this - at least for the 
Debian Multimedia packaging. A patch the only changed the flags for 
the atmel architecture. Maybe arm has the same problem?
A fix for this bug in gcc is not anything I expect to happend fast.

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