[mythtv] ac3 audio problems 0.21-fixes (r16899)

Mark Spieth mark at digivation.com.au
Fri Apr 4 18:13:12 UTC 2008

> > Everything is working great with the upgrade to 0.21-fixes, except AC3
> >  audio.  In an avi file or a DVD, the frontend log fills up with:
> >
> ....
> >
> >  This only happens with files that have AC3 audio.  Everything else,
> >  including live TV and pre-recorded shows works (MP2).  Anyone have any
> >  ideas?  I'm seeing this on my various openSUSE frontends (10.0 through 
> > 10.3).
> >  Thanks again for everyone's hard work.
> hello,
> I made some investigations on this exact same problem last weekend and
> found the problem and the fix.
> The buffering problem comes to the fact that the nuppelvideoplayer
> expect audio not being more than 2s away from the video (value 2000 in
> the code). It seems that this value is too small for some files
> containing AC3 (especially in AVI files).
> To fix the problem, I had to increase this limit from 2000 to 4000 in
> the nuppelvideoplayer.cpp file.
> Not that I'm knowing exactly what I'm doing here, but it fixed the
> problem. Perhaps some knowledged devloppers can give some insight on
> what the right value (tm) should be.
> I will provide you my patch when I get back home.
> Daniel

please try the latest patch in 4764. this corrects this.
there is also an associated mythmusic patch (if you use mythmusic)


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