[mythtv] [OT] gdb GUI / IDE ?

Sam Varshavchik mrsam at courier-mta.com
Wed Apr 2 01:46:07 UTC 2008

John P Poet writes:

> Under Linux, of course, GNU is the way to go.  However, I find gdb to
> be very clunky.  Especially when trying to examine C++ class
> variables, and even worse STL variables.  I assume I just don't know
> what GUI/IDE to use with gdb.  I have tried to use gdb from within
> emacs, and it helps, but not with *cleanly* printing class/stl
> variables.

Make sure you're using the latest available version of gdb. Earlier versions 
were not very good at demangling. The current version of gdb, gdb 6.7, which 
has not yet made it into all major distros, has even better C++ support.

> So, what do you all use for debugging?  Are there some magical
> commands I should be putting in .gdbinit to help with print C++ class
> and STL variables?  Is there some great GUI or IDE I need to know
> about?

As far as a GUI interface goes, you want ddd, which should be in most major 

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