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Thu Sep 20 15:16:44 UTC 2007

required/desired before such a merge will take place.

As I'm really interested in some of the features provided by the multirec
branch I do not mind doing some testing, but as my myth setup has been my
only source for TV for a very long time now, I would like to break as
little as possible when moving from -trunk to -multirec.

(yes, I know: I should not be using -trunk for production, but the past
couple of years it has worked out just fine, and as I do not have a WAF to
consider, breakage of MythTV means I have 100% of my time to fix it again

So: what risks do I run when I change my current -trunk install (updated
to 14884 this afternoon) to the -multirec branch? Should I clone my
database and run multirec on a copy? Any other stuff I need to look before
or after switching?


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