[mythtv] Proposed work on MythVideo - Re-tool video-manager for large libraries, Add the concept of a 'series'

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Thu Sep 27 16:23:37 UTC 2007

On Thursday 27 September 2007 17:03:09 San Mehat wrote:
> On 9/27/07, Stuart Morgan <stuart at tase.co.uk> wrote:
> > Lots of people complain about the usability of things like MythVideo and
> > how
> > another application does it better, but few of them are prepared to make
> > the
> > changes themselves. It's like the crowd at a sports match shouting
> > instructions at their team, ineffective and annoying. If you think you
> > can improve things then come and play instead of shouting from the
> > sidelines. --
> Stuart,
>   I think you misunderstood the reason for my question. I was simply trying
> to make sure that the work that I *am* doing to improve MythVideo wouldn't
> be in vain :)

Sorry, didn't mean for my reply to seem as though it was directed at you, it 

>   I absolutely agree with you about 'coming and playing'. If you read back
> in this thread, I think you'll see that I *am* playing.. and making what I
> think (and hope) are real improvements to MythVideo.

I know you are actually doing something (We've just been talking about it in 
IRC ;) )

Stuart Morgan

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