[mythtv] Proposed work on MythVideo - Re-tool video-manager for large libraries, Add the concept of a 'series'

Justin Hornsby justin.hornsby at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 16:19:09 UTC 2007

Am I the only person round here who doesn't like how XBMC operates?
It's a file browser which happens to play media and there are python
scripts you can bolt onto it which make it crash a lot more often.
Yay :-\

Please don't abandon your work to improve mythvideo.  Pretty please!

Having a database is the best (and worst) thing about mythtv.
Metadata is the way of the future, especially for people with large
libraries and XBMC doesn't address that one iota.

Furthermore, discussion about dumping mythtv in favour of other
programs has no place on a mailing list devloted to discussion about
mythtv _development_ IMHO.  If you want to throw your toys out of your
pram go ahead folks, but it's hardly constructive from this project's
point of view.

So, San - as you were.. :)

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