[mythtv] Bizzare repeating key behaviour

Ian Goldberg mythtv at paip.net
Tue Sep 25 21:27:42 UTC 2007

On Tue, Sep 25, 2007 at 09:08:30AM -0500, Bill Cizek wrote:
> >> This is completely replicable.  It happens almost every single time you
> >> press a key.  *But!* not when you're actually watching a program.  While
> >> you're watching TV, both the keypress and the lirc work just fine.  (And
> >> irw reverts to the normal "mythfrontend not running" behaviour.)
> >>
> >> Any clue what might be causing this?  Is there some weird state the
> >> mythfrontend menus (but not the playback) are putting the machine in?
> >>     
> >
> > One more thing.  If I press keys on the remote (or on the actual
> > keyboard) which aren't bound to anything in the menu (like "8" or
> > "PAUSE"), the irw and libqt outputs are perfectly normal (just like when
> > mythfrontend isn't running, or when it's doing playback).  Only keys
> > that cause something to happen in the menus exhibit this behaviour.
> >   
> A while back I ran into a similar issue after and SVN upgrade -- phantom 
> double key presses in the menus only.
> My problem was caused by lircmd (the LIRC mouse daemon).   When I 
> stopped lircmd  the problem went away.

Weird.  But I'm not running lircmd (at this time, though I intend to be
in steady state).

Any other thoughts?  Might it be a threading issue of some kind?

   - Ian

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