[mythtv] New TV Listings Service

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sun Sep 23 21:08:34 UTC 2007

Carmelo wrote:
> I am the developer of CTpvr and we have created a new service that 
> allows access to TV Listings similar to the Labs.Zap2it DD data. Now 
> that we have finalizing our agreement with TMS, we felt the timing is 
> right to reach out to software products that could benefit from this 
> service. Outside of high quality data and fast delivery, Our prices 
> should make your U.S. users quite happy. The data will be available with 
> Cast/Crew or without and Listings Lite.
> We are communicating with many projects to ask about adding direct 
> download support to our service. Please let us know if you're interested 
> in including support for CT TV Listings in to MythTV?.

Thank you for your efforts in creating your service. I have
been working on MythTV for several years now and as I'm sure
you can imagine, the issue of acquiring TV listings has always
been a much misunderstood issue hotly debated with very loud
opinion of those who misunderstand.

I'm sure you also know that users of MythTV, like users of other
applications, recently experienced first hand the perils of
relying on a single source with unknown motives and shifting
management and policies. One might have thought that the common
wisdom would be to avoid a recurrence of this same sort of single
point of failure but there are many who seem to welcome jumping
out of the pan and into the fire. I would hope that you and
others can supply a reliable service for users of MythTV.

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