[mythtv] Container draw issues

Anthony D'Alberto afd1009 at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 21 02:40:16 UTC 2007

I am working to get the mouse support easier and more general, by placing 
most of the code in myththemeddialog, and am having problems with the 
definition of my theme.

I've added my buttons, and they show up on the screen.  If I make the button 
(UIPushButton) in its own container, it is displayed the first time the 
screen is painted.  However, if I leave the screen to go to a sub screen 
(e.g. MythMusic play screen to go to the playlist editor), my container is 
not redrawn, yet the buttons still work.  I've looked at the redraw code, 
and do not understand why this is so.  The default themes are able to get 
this to work, and I can't seem to make it happen.

In my theme, i define:

<container name="btn">

		   <pushbutton name="backbutton" draworder="1">
			   <image function="on" filename="backbutton.png"></image>
			   <image function="off" filename="backbutton.png"></image>
		   	<image function="pushed" filename="backbutton.png"></image>

Is there something I'm doing incorrect?


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