[mythtv] first contribution

hendrixski hendrixski at storsint.com
Thu Sep 20 15:05:15 UTC 2007

> Thanks for your patch. Feel free to do some more!
> (i.e. understanding & documenting all
>        of the other nasty classes :-)
While I'm probably not going to submit any more comment-only patches, 
I'll definitely include comments into the patches I submit.  Hope that 
will help out in keeping the source readable long-term.  :-)
>> I guess the last step is feedback?
> Daniel has grabbed the ticket, so he may give you some
> before he commits it, but here are my trivial comments:
Cool, thanks.  Now generally does the dev who grabs the ticket make some 
small changes to the patch themselves before committing, or do they send 
it back to the patch submitter with comments and wait for a fix before 
committing?  If I were to fix those things now what is "best 
practices":  just replace the file on the bugtracker, or post a new one 
with a note like "XY and Z fixed"?

It's good I'm going through this kind of stuff with a trivial patch 
rather than something with lots of lines of code.  I guess I missed the 
purpose @brief, and didn't know to catch those whitespace slips.

Thanks again.

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