[mythtv] Untunable channels on multirec

Bradley Kite bradley.kite at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 08:26:33 UTC 2007

On 10/09/2007, Daniel Kristjansson <danielk at cuymedia.net> wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-09-10 at 15:19 +0100, Martin Long(myth) wrote:
> >
> > On Sun, September 9, 2007 7:55 pm, mythtv at longhome.co.uk wrote:
> > >
> > > I think I've found a bug on multirec. If I exit from a channel (maybe
> to
> > watch a recording), and then go back to live TV after that channel has
> > 'closed' (ie nothing is broadcasting). It never retunes to the channel
> > (doesn't even display the mheg 'This channel is closed' screen), and if
> > I try and tune to a different channel, I get "An error occurred while
> > trying to display video". The only way I could get back to a tunable
> > channel was by
> > > editing the start channel in the cardinput table.
> > >
> > > Nothing obvious in the logs. I'll try upping the logging.
> > >
> >
> > I see Daniel did a commit which may fix this. I'll see if I can build
> and
> > test it tonight (without bothering the wife).
> Which commit? The "record data streams" commit?
> That may do it, but this may also be a video output bug unrelated to
> multirec.. If the data stream commit doesn't fix it can you try the
> trunk revision? I think it may be broken in this regard too.
> -- Daniel

Hi, I'm running the multi-rec bracnch too.

I've been tracking trunk for a while now (up to 14505) and then switched to
multirec (also 14505).

In trunk, when a channel goes off air the MHEG "this channel is closed"
screen correctly appears.

In multirec branch it causes LiveTV to exit with "An error occurred while
trying to display video". Going back into LiveTV once this occurs, it takes
about 10 or 20 seconds before it occurs again (no MHEG screen is displayed).
Trying to change channel within this time fails.

At first glance it doesnt look like the back-end is actually capturing the
MHEG data properly - it immediatley stops recording:

2007-09-19 19:10:29.786 TVRec(6): Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
2007-09-19 19:10:29.850 TVRec(6): HW Tuner: 6->6
2007-09-19 19:10:31.322 Finished recording This is CBeebies!: channel 1071
2007-09-19 19:10:31.372 scheduler: Finished recording: This is CBeebies!:
channel 1071
2007-09-19 19:10:31.477 Finished recording This is CBeebies!: channel 1071

Meanwhile the front-end sits there waiting for data:

2007-09-19 19:10:32.619 RingBuf(/mnt/store/1071_20070919191031.mpg): Waited
1.0 seconds for data to become available...
2007-09-19 19:10:33.643 RingBuf(/mnt/store/1071_20070919191031.mpg): Waited
2.0 seconds for data to become available...
2007-09-19 19:10:47.724 RingBuf(/mnt/store/1071_20070919191031.mpg) Error:
Waited 16 seconds for data, aborting.
2007-09-19 19:10:47.724 NVP::OpenFile(): Error, couldn't read file:
2007-09-19 19:10:47.724 NVP, Error: JumpToProgram failed.
2007-09-19 19:10:47.724 NVP, Error: Unknown error, exiting decoder
2007-09-19 19:10:47.728 TV: Attempting to change from WatchingLiveTV to None

I dont mind trying to have a look at this in more detail but am not too sure
where to start - with some guidance I'll do some more debugging/testing.

(also, would you like this logged as a seperate ticket, or just put a note
on #3326?)

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