[mythtv] first multirec experience (was Re: [mythtv-commits] Ticket #3326: Implement multiple recordings per transport)

Petr Stehlik pstehlik at sophics.cz
Thu Sep 20 06:47:56 UTC 2007

Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
>> First, on one of the new setup pages - the one where you connect video 
>> sources to cards (IIRC) there are buttons off screen. Actually there are 
>> two drop downs for defining whether the input is shared (IIRC) and the 
> This happened to me too,

I sort of worked around it by setting a 16:9 geometry. With --geometry 
1024x600 I were able to see about 80% of the 'Create new' button that 
was before (with 4:3 geometry) completely off screen.

Note that I call the mythtv-setup from within ssh -X session (if it 
affects anything).

>> At last I got into the Live TV (I didn't have XMLTV set up yet) and by 
>> simple pressing the 'R' and returning to Live TV again and again I got 
>> to a point where it was recording four different channels and still 
>> allowed me to go to Live TV and watch yet another channel (this is 
>> single LNB pointing to Astra 3A, connected to a Skystar2 card). Quite 
>> amazing... Thanks for the great work!
> :) It's still a bit rough, but it's getting there.

For me the biggest pain was setting up all the channels again (the 
transport scanning, channum renumbering, the visibility changes, xmltv 
IDs..). I am wondering if I could import the channels table from my 0.20 
database (providing I'd set up the video sources identically). And since 
I lost the multirec db when I was restoring the 0.20 setup I'll have to 
go through that again. I can imagine that some sort of automatic 
conversion of the video sources/channels from 0.20 database would please 
many users (it's probably planned)...


P.S. yesterday I didn't even get that far because I ran the mythtv-setup 
on the 0.20 database and the db upgrade failed (previously, with 
mythtvbackend it succeeded). I'll investigate more tonight (wish the 
nights were longer).

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