[mythtv] New Plugin MythPython and two new MythUITypes for libmythui

Johannes Leupolz joleu at web.de
Wed Sep 19 17:29:53 UTC 2007

Not directly. You have to write a python layer to access the function written 
in Miro. Btw: thx for the info. I try if I can integrate some functions of 
miro into MythTV.
Here is a sample of a simple Hello World Plugin written in MythPython:
> testdialog          = MythScriptCustomThemedDialog();
> testdialog.show();
> testText=MythScriptUITextType(testdialog)
> testText.move(0,0,300,300);
> testText.setText("Hello World");
> testText.show();

On Wednesday 19 September 2007 19:06:01 hendrixski wrote:
> Soo. it would be able to run python programs like Miro (formerly
> democracy player) as a plugin to myth?
> > Dear list,
> >
> > l am developing a plugin for MythTV which I call MythPython.
> > MythPython is a plugin, which allows you to create other
> > gui-based plugins for mythtv using the script-language python.
> > This plugin makes it possible to create much easier plugins to watch for
> > example videos from youtube or form the apple trailer database.
> > XBoxMediaCenter shows us, how successful such a plugin can be:
> > http://www.xbmcscripts.com has a gigantic collection of user-contibuted
> > scripts for many different tasks.
> >
> > MythPython is totally based on libmythui (see task #12) and has two new
> > MythUITypes on board (which are in an early stage at this point):
> > MythUIManagedTreeList and MythUILineEdit.
> >
> > To build MythPython you need cmake, python with development files and
> > MythTV SVN. (MythTV 0.20 may also work, but is not tested).

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