[mythtv] Default duplicate check method

Martin Long(myth) mythtv at longhome.co.uk
Mon Sep 17 13:01:26 UTC 2007

On Fri, September 14, 2007 10:04 pm, Stuart Morgan wrote:
> At least here in the UK with any of the available guide data
> sources, "Subtitle then Description" would produce much better results
than "Subtitle & Description". I don't assume that the default should
> just because it would make things easier for those of us in the UK, so
I'd like to discuss what this change would mean for most MythTV users.
> The behaviour of "Subtitle then Description" seems to better fit with
the normal usage of the subtitle field (unique episode naming). Does
anyone see
> the subtitles in their guide data being re-used for different episodes? I'm
> not saying that it doesn't happen at all, but does it happen for more
than a
> handful of series?
> Although subtitles will usually remain constant, repeat showings might
have a
> differing description because it was written by a different person, at a
different time. This makes "Subtitle & Description" unreliable.
> So why not make "Subtitle Only" the default? Well there are also going
to be
> programmes which don't use the subtitle at all. At which point falling back
> to checking the description is a reasonable compromise.
> IMHO this small change could bring the behaviour of MythTV closer to the
expectations of users. Most users, and especially newbies, want a
> experience and this means choosing sensible default values. Changing
this might inconvenience a few people, but if I'm right then it will
make life easier for most*.
> * Few users in U.S. will be affected as unique programids are mostly
used there instead of the duplicate check methods.
> Does anyone have a different opinion, or can you point out the flaw in
my reasoning?

Hi Stuart,

As the contributor of the said method, and also being in the UK, I would
agree that this is 99% of the time the best option, and I've even hacked
it to be my personal default. When it was originally accepted it was the
default, but it received some complaints, due to the cases you mentioned,
and the orignal default was put back.

In particular, often colons are used in show titles eg "American Idol: The
Results", and these programs fall foul of the 's then d' method.

What I think would be useful, is a way of setting default values for new
recordings - this would not be limited to just the dup-method, but also
many of the other settings - recording group, check for duplicates in, etc


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