[mythtv] Backend AutoDiscovery

Rob Smith kormoc at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 17:20:42 UTC 2007

On 9/15/07, spam <spam at sma2.rain.com> wrote:
> If distinct "host user password" sets are passed from the frontends to
> the mysql server to gain access (current model) that's good. I don't
> think it's a good idea to have the PIN return one access set for
> everybody because the first thing mc.sql does is GRANT ALL for "mythtv
> mythtv" and so do the remote access examples. It's easy to have
> user/password sets with lower/read-only access to the database. With
> dynamic DHCP handing out random IPs, per host access can get tricky for
> remote access.

The host part of it is actually built into MySQL. It uses the
ip/hostname of the connecting computer, so the frontend itself doesn't
actually deal with it.

In reguards to DHCP, I have mine setup so that dhcp is handed out, but
the hostname is dynamically mapped to the new ip, so mythbox is always
mythbox no matter it's ip, and thus I'm able to grant permissions
based on the hostname.

It's not hard to fool if someone really wanted to (unplug mythbox and
request on new machine called mythbox), but really, I'm not concerned
that much about it on my network (I'm the only user).


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