[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #2335: LiveTV hangs when a recording is finished and a new on starts (no channel change)

Bob Cottingham bobnvic at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 02:53:10 UTC 2007

On 9/15/07, Tom Lichti <tom at redpepperracing.com> wrote:
> Tom Lichti wrote:
> > Shane wrote:
> >
> >>> Thanks, that took care of the seek issues I was seeing. Everything has
> >>> been working well so far with those two patches
> >>>
> >>>
> >> Hmm, that's good even though I wasn't expecting the other patch to
> >> help ivtv cards. :) Thanks for testing.
> >>
> >> Shane
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> > I've been running the patches as well for a couple days with 3 ivtv
> > cards and an HDHR. Although we don't do much live tv here, I haven't
> > been told of any problems, and my family is quite quick to point out any
> > issues... :)
> >
> Scratch that, it sort of works, but not really. I can seek back into a
> previous live tv show, but it skips to the beginning of the previous
> show even if I only seek back 10 seconds, and if I then seek forward
> from the beginning of the previous show, it skips to the next show
> instead. Not a huge deal for me as we rarely use that feature, but I
> thought you might like the feedback. I can probably give some logs if
> needed.
Do you have the patch from ticket 3963 included as well? That was the
same issue I was seeing until I tried that patch. I only tried it once
very quickly, however. I'll try playing with it again tomorrow and
test it a bit more thoroughly.


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