[mythtv] first contribution

hendrixski hendrixski at storsint.com
Sun Sep 16 02:19:15 UTC 2007

How many of you remember the first time you got involved with an open 
source project?

I've been trying to get into programing for mythtv for a while, but 
either got sidetracked (with things like learning Ubuntu packaging, or 
vim, etc.) or I would get discouraged from the lack of documentation in 
the code.

So I want to walk through the process by first submitting a doxygen 
patch.  I figured I'll finally force myself to learn a bit about the 
code, and Qt, and expose me to the process of how patches get submitted 
and accepted.  My understanding is that I submit the patch to trac the 
same way I would submit a bug?

Would mythThemedMenu be an OK place to start?  It seems to have a lot of 
stuff that's key to understanding how other parts of the code get called 
when a user clicks on stuff in the frontend.  Which is kind of 
interesting, wouldn't you say?

Plus, I learned on #mythtv today some of the tools for skipping around 
code in Linux, like the find command, and how vim actually jumps to some 
classes via ctags. I'll get to practice that! It's still slow as balls 
compared to just hovering your mouse over some code in Eclipse and have 
a tooltip show you the comments from that method... but I'm still glad 
to try it out the old fashioned way.

Are there any other tips or tricks you guys would recommend?  Or things 
I should know before getting started?

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