[mythtv] Backend AutoDiscovery

Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Sat Sep 15 15:26:08 UTC 2007

Michael Haas wrote:
> Stuart Morgan wrote:
>> On Saturday 15 September 2007 14:28:38 Simon Kenyon wrote:
>>> the stuff with the PIN is a retrograde step IMNSHO
>>> we already have a password to access the DB
>> Not any more, the PIN replaces the password. Instead the frontend requests the 
>> password from the backend.
> I haven't tried the new code yet, but - the MySQL password does not have
> to be the same across boxes. Remember, MySQL auth also takes into
> account the host where the connection comes from. mythtv at box1 and
> mythtv at box2 can have different passwords.

This is true, but just because it can, it's not to say it has to. You
could easily set up mysql to use the same password to access the db from
all hosts you want to allow and I'd imagine 99% of myth users will set
it up in this way, so in my mind, this additional restriction myth
imposes on your mysql setup is not a huge problem.



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