[mythtv] Theme Discrepancies

Justin Hornsby justin.hornsby at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 16:10:23 UTC 2007

Okay folks, just had a quick scan of this thread having just come back
from a well earned holiday.

I'm (kind of) the 'official' theme maintainer now.  One of my
interests (not one I particularly enjoy sometimes) is keeping as many
of the themes as up to date as I possibly can.

Changes are sometimes made to the UI code which invariably break
themes or necessitate maintenance jobs.  For the most part, they're
pretty minor and easy to keep tabs on - especially when the person who
creates the extra work provides example xml to use as a reference.

One of the background jobs I've given myself is to take on updating
all of the core themes & incorporate necessary changes to them in
order to maintain some kind of continuity across all of them.  By
that, think watermark images (icons associated with menu buttons), xml
entries (text areas, windows etc).  I made some notes before I went
away regarding missing watermarks and those gaps will be filled as
soon as suitable images can be found.

Obviously, I can't possibly be everywhere at once, so *please* if you
have issues with a particular theme, raise a ticket and where possible
send your own contribution.

With regard to people making changes to my own themes, I can't see my
fragile ego having much of an issue with additions to keep them
working with current code - I think I'd only get upset if somebody
wanted to make lots of changes en-masse (such as changing the overall
'style').  Still, it's always nice to be consulted ;)

As for stuff that breaks themes - I've been looking forward to (or
should I say somewhat dreading) UI elements being ported to mythui -
there are some *serious* changes planned including (hooray!) splitting
up the awful ui.xml file into distinct areas.  It'll cause me a lot of
work and probably some big headaches in the short term but I can see
the bigger picture.

Finally, for all those lovers of old themes like Visor - if you like
em that much why not try to contact their creator & persuade them to
bring their theme(s) up to date?  Failing that, look into it yourself.
 There haven't been *that* many container changes in the last couple
of years.  The majority of them are pretty easy to spot (segfault!)
and those which aren't are hardly show-stoppers.

With regard to trying to keep backwards/forwards compatibility - it's
a no-go situation IMHO.  Some things are possible with UI code looking
for containers & windows in a theme xml file & falling back to
defaults if they're not present, and I'm all for that.  Other stuff
would be harder to implement and may even end up stifling theme

Just my 2 pence worth...


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