[mythtv] Backend AutoDiscovery

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Fri Sep 14 12:53:10 UTC 2007

On Friday 14 September 2007 13:17:57 David wrote:
> > 4) Add IP address (or something) for generic machine names?
> > (e.g. MythTV ... on mythtv)
> You can change the name displayed by adding the following setting, per
> host, to the database:
> 	"UPnP/FriendlyName"
> One of these days, I (or someone else) will need to add the appropriate
> settings pages to allow for easier changes to upnp settings.

Extra settings should ideally only be required where absolutely necessary. If 
the best values can be determined automatically or using pre-existing 
settings. In the case of a 'friendly' name this could be combined with the 
existing - LocalHostName setting.

> > 7) Myth themed UI stuff.
> Can't agree more!  The current screens are ugly!  But, I tried this...
> chicken & egg problem.  The Themed UI controls/windows currently require
> database access for settings and key bindings to work, but the
> autodiscovery code is used to find which database to use!

I'm not sure it's worth investing more time at this point to make these 
screens themed. Most people are only going to see the auto-discovery screen 
once, when they first setup a frontend. It can wait until future developments 
make it possible (see my next paragraph).

> I was thinking of moving the dependent UI/Theme settings into config.xml
> and make the settings local to each frontend, but was met with some
> resistance. This would make the frontends run, with limited functionality,
> without having a direct connection to the database (there would need to be
> code to sync settings between frontends to make it useful for installs with
> more than one frontend).

We've discussed the frontends having their own embedded database for storing 
frontend specific and caching some global settings, I think this would be 
preferred over a move to text based config files. 
Stuart Morgan

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