[mythtv] TV Parental Controls - Is it this simple?

Sarat Vemuri sarat at svemuri.com
Thu Sep 13 17:41:22 UTC 2007

Hello All,
I've played around with Myth a year ago but went to SageTV at that time.  It
appears that Myth has matured since then and I am thinking of switching to
Myth.  One of the features that I need is Parental Controls for TV.  Please
correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think there is any thing available
currently (even in SVN).
So I started diving in to the code.  It appears that program ratings are
already available from Schedules Direct.  So, all that is missing is
actually using them.  I've played around with this a bit and here is what I
think would work.
1. Store the following keys and values in the "Settings" table (one per
host) (UI to set these)
    PC.RatingSystem.Password.Rating - (example VCHIP.Password.TV-G = 1234)
    PC.RatingSystem.Timeout.Rating - (example VCHIP.Timeout.TV-G = 120 for 2
hours )
    PC.RatingSystem.LastEntry.Rating - (example VCHP.LastEntry.TV-G =
2. In playback.cpp (mythfrontend) before playing a recording/list (haven't
checked LiveTV yet)
    - Get the Ratings from recordedratings table
    - See if there is a password key for the rating. If not play it
    - See if the timeout didn't expire since last entry for a rating. If not
play it
    - Ask for password and. Record Last Entry time. Play it
    - Don't play if nothing matched.
Seems pretty simple to me. Please correct me if I am on the wrong track.
I'll go ahead start coding (may be not the UI for settings - can use DB to
set them) if this approach seems reasonable. 
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