[mythtv] Theme Discrepancies

hendrixski hendrixski at storsint.com
Mon Sep 10 15:28:39 UTC 2007

> There are competing requirements here, the developers with skills/time
> to add such major enhancements as the mythtv-vid don't necessarily
> have the time/desire to update the themes they don't use themselves.
> Those will the graphic design skills don't necessarily have the coding
> skills to add the features etc they would like to be able to add.
> In short it is a matter of team work, if a developer is required to
> update all themes before adding a new feature you will end up with the
> devs having all the cool features in their local tree and not
> committed.

There are 3 distinct skill sets, right?  The coder who makes patches, 
the tester who ensures that the patch doesn't break any themes, and then 
the artists who can finish the patches thematic aspect.

If I understand the thread correctly, the question is how to streamline 
the process: how to make it so that each patch affecting the visual 
layout will be tested across all themes, and immediately raise a flag to 
notify the artistically inclined to collaborate on the patch.  Basically 
increasing the speed of teamwork.

Currently this is done via trac, right?  Are there other tools for this 
that somebody wants to play around with?  Perhaps some 
theme-disturbances may be discovered with automated testing scripts?  etc.

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