[mythtv] Theme Discrepancies

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Sep 10 01:31:50 UTC 2007

On 09/09/2007 08:43 PM, Matt wrote:
> Sorry, I really didn't dive that deep... it's just an overall concern
> that I wanted to bring out for some discussion since I've seen some
> changes in that area lately.  Also, there are more than 5 themes that
> are distributed withing /mythtv/themes and myththemes.
> mythtv/themes:
> Blue


> Default
> Default-Wide

"Pieces" of themes that are used when the chosen theme doesn't define
the theme "piece" that's needed (basically a fallback/catch-all/"good
start" for other themes)

> G.A.N.T


> Classic (?)
> DVR (?)

Menu themes

> myththemes/:
> Iulius
> Minimalist-wide
> MythCenter
> MythCenter-wide
> Retro
> Titivillus
> That's 10 (possibly 12) core distributed themes.

Many of which use the definitions from the default or default-wide
directory for many parts.
> Seems he did a fair job of getting most of them, but he left the
> others for other people to get.  What if no one else does it?  Will
> people have to switch to one of the themes that was fixed?

People could submit patches.  :)

>   But what
> if that theme doesn't have another item in it from another change, etc
> and so on...
> Really I guess it just boils down to what the standard and practice is
> for any change which might impact a theme.  I've seen some over the
> years where a dev will say "I use this theme, and I made this change,
> so if you want it in any other theme, you'll need to do that yourself"
> and that's what concerns me.  I'm happy to say, that those comments
> are few and far between, but rarely do I see a change apply to every
> single theme that's available via trunk.

If your suggestion is that user-submitted patches that affect a theme
should include patches to modify /all/ themes in mythtv and myththemes
(possibly skipping those that use parts of default/default-wide), I'll
agree.  Then the devs can choose to commit changes to all themes.

If the change to the theme causes any un-modified theme to crash
mythfrontend (i.e. defines a new container that is required to exist),
then the submitter of the patch should always submit a patch to fix all
themes.  If the change adds new, "unrequired" pieces, it would be really
nice if the submitter patches all the themes, but it's not a showstopper
if he/she doesn't.

If your suggestion is that the dev who reviews the ticket/patch do the
work that the submitter failed to do, I firmly disagree (the devs have
way too much to do without having to do "unrequired" changes to themes.


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