[mythtv] Multirec branch.

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Thu Sep 6 18:42:05 UTC 2007

Hi Janne, 

I hadn't, but now I have, and it works much better - seems it's to do with
the ordering of the card id's right?

I've found some scenarios where it still doesn't always share, eg when a
recording is on tuner 2 because of a previous conflict, it'll still grab the
first available tuner, which might now be tuner 1. 

I'm currently working on a patch for this. Do you want me to send it to you,
or post it to some ticket?


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On Wednesday 05 September 2007 23:47:01 mythtv at longhome.co.uk wrote:
> I noticed on the multirec branch, that it will only share a tuner if
> it needs to... it strikes me that this could result in being 'kicked
> off' LiveTv in some cases. Is there any reason for this. I would have
> thought it would be best to try and share a tuner as a preference to
> using a new one wherever possible.
> Or have I misconfigured something?

Have you deleted all your capture cards before increasing the maximum 
number of concurrent recordings or have you changed the number of 
concurrent recordings after setting up all cards?

That is subject to change but atm it's necessary to share the card 
whenever possible. Alternatively you could use a distinct input 
priorities in the "input connections" setup screen for each card.

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