[mythtv] Mouse support for MythTV

Anthony D'Alberto afd1009 at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 4 01:50:40 UTC 2007

I have finally posted my patches to myth and mythplugins for mouse support 
Trac ticket #3930.  There are some things to note:

1.) The patches were checked against 9/3/07, 9:43pm EST SVN of myth.
2.) Items working are MythMusic - Play and select, not import or add, 
MythDVD (back button added), mythvideo - Not Video Gallery.  MythTV (TV 
functions) have not been modified.
3.) I could not post the theme I modified to get the "back" button to appear 
on the plugins and main menu.  The theme is about 1.2 MB, and need a place 
to send it, so please let me know what I hsould do.

Please check out the patch and my ticket.  I'm not familiar with this 
process, so I did the best I could.

I will continue working on this as time allows, updating the latest SVN to 
add touchscreen support to more items.  All changes I made and prefixed and 
suffixed with comments.  Adding support to more mythplugins should not be 
hard, but getting the support in lower level control code is sometimes not 
so easy.


>From: Colin Guthrie <mythtv at colin.guthr.ie>
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>To: Development of mythtv <mythtv-dev at mythtv.org>
>Subject: Re: [mythtv] Mouse support for MythTV
>Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 13:49:02 +0100
>Anthony D'Alberto wrote:
> > Please let me know how I should handle submitting this code.  I used the 
> > SVN release earlier this year, so I think I am close to being up to 
>Best bet is to ensure your changes are valid against latest SVN (svn up
>will probably be all that is required -  but work on a copy of your tree
>if you are unsure as to how well a merge will work).
>Then break down the changes into smaller chunks and create patches (svn
>diff) and attach them to a ticket or tickets in Trac.
>That's the general advice, but one of the devs may decide to take your
>changes wholesale via a different means if it is more convenient in this
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