[mythtv] $1,000 for car sync Plugin

Doug Moeller dmoeller at pobox.com
Sat Sep 1 01:56:40 UTC 2007

Hello all. I am in need of a Plugin to support the syncing of media 
files with a storage system that lives in a car.  The syncing part is 
easy enough for me,  but I just don't have any experience with MythTV to 
develop the content management part in a quick enough time frame.  So,  
I've been authorized to offer $1,000 to anybody who can do it within the 
next couple of weeks.   I saw a guy from Pluto do this so I hope that it 
is appropriate to make an offer like this.  Hopefully,  it's just a 
quick project for someone who's more intimate with MythTV.

Details are:

Add "Manage Car Media" to main menu

    "Manage Car Media" menu

    1.  Copy Recordings to a car
                    Browse through media library and select recordings 
to be copied to the car.
                    If user tries to copy more data then a car can hold 
he is given a warning and the option of going to the "Manage Recordings" 
menu item.
                    The user should be able to change how the video is 
encoded (DivX, PSP, MPEG4, ipod, etc.)

    2.  Manage Recordings in the car
                    Allow the user to delete recordings in the car (note 
that you'd only be deleting them from the sync directory on the MythTV 
machine and not the actual car)
                    Allow the user to view recordings in the car (note 
that you'd only be viewing the sync directory on the MythTV machine and 
not the actual car)
                    Allow the user to see how much space is available in 
the car. (note that you'd only be comparing the sync directory on the 
MythTV machine with the configured capabilities of the car and not the 
actual car)
                    Allow the user to see the last time the car synced 
up. (read a time stamp from a file)

    3.  Edit Cars
                Shows a list of currently configured cars and allows the 
user to add/delete/edit cars. Allow the user to call the car whatever 
they want. (e.g. Doug's Honda)
                For each car, be able to configure how much storage is 
available in that car. (option/actual 512M/300M, 1G/800M, 2G/1.5G, 
4G/3.5G, 8G/7.5G, 12G/11.5G. 16G/15.5G)
                Also be able to select the default video encoding 
method.(DivX, PSP, MPEG4, ipod, etc.)

Under existing "Schedule Recordings" menu
            When a recording is scheduled,  allow the user to select to 
send a recording to a car. 
            The user will need to be able to change the video encoding 
format. (e.g.  Someone might want the "Daily Show" to show up in their 
car in DivX format every day)

The system will create a directory for each car that will contain the 
media files. (subdirectories for each content type. (video, audio, 

The car will then perform a sync with that directory when it is in WiFi 
range of the home network. (i.e. Garage).  (It'll use rsync).  It'll 
exactly match whatever is in that cars directory, so when media files 
get deleted from the directory they get deleted from the car.

The media files should be named something human readable.


Whatever it takes to make this work.   We're using Mythdora 4, so a 
Plugin that works with that would be ideal. 
Using Perl and other apps for the backend work is fine.

---------PAYMENT TERMS-------------

Payment terms: $500 via your choice of paypal or U.S. check as soon as 
you can show that you know how to do it and can meet or exceed the 
schedule. There's no need to provide source code at this  point-just 
show that you know how to do it. The other $500 paid immediately  when 
it's done and we are able to make it work. Any code for  Myth must be 
submitted back under the GPL license, of course.

You can email replies back to this list or directly to dmoeller [at] 
pobox [dot] com

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