[mythtv] Any Possible way to get LiveTV on a upnp/embedded client

Bart Theeuwes theeuwke at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 31 11:00:13 UTC 2007

Well, I figgerd this out on de Upnp Datasheet:


5.1.2. ConnectionManager Service
This service is used to manage the connections associated with a particular device. The primary action of this service (within the context of a MediaServer) is PrepareForConnection(). When implemented, this optional action is invoked by the Control Point to give the Server an opportunity to prepare itself for an upcoming transfer. Depending on the specified transfer protocol and data format, this action may return the InstanceID of an AVTransport service that the Control Point can use to control the flow of this content (e.g. Stop, Pause, Seek, etc). As described below, this InstanceID is used to distinguish multiple (virtual) instances of the AVTransport service, each of which is associated with a particular connection to Renderer. Multiple (virtual) instances of the AVTransport service allow the MediaServer to support multiple Renderers at the same time. When the Control Point wants to terminate this connection, it should invoke the MediaServer’s ConnectionComplete() action (if implemented) to release the connection.
If the PrepareForConnection() action is not implemented, the Control Point is only able to support a single Renderer at an given time. In this case, the Control Point should use InstanceID=0.

5.1.3. AVTransport Service
This (optional) service is used by the Control Point to control the “playback” of the content that is associated with the specified AVTransport. This includes the ability to Stop, Pause, Seek, etc. Depending on the supported transfer protocols and/or data formats, a MediaServer may or may not implement this service. If supported, the MediaServer can distinguish between multiple instances of the service by using the InstanceID that is included in each AVTransport action. New instances of the AVTransport service are created via the ConnectionManager’s PrepareForConnection(). A new Instance Id is allocated for each new Service Instance.

So it would be possible to gerate some kind of media list with all the tv channels, and when a user selects a channel, and the recorder is free, you would be able to watch it, if the media device supports the content (most of they will, because its mpeg2).

And more over: a little bit further in the spec:

7. Recording Architecture
The UPnP AV Architecture defines a rudimentary Recording capability. A Record action is defined within the AVTranport Service(). As content is being transferred from the MediaServer to the MediaRenderer, a Control Point may issue the ‘Record’ action. This results in the device ‘recording’ that content to some type of unspecified storage. The details of the Record feature depend completely on the recording device and can range dramatically from device to device.

source: http://www.upnp.org/download/UPnPAvArchitecture%200.83.prtad.pdf


A second option is to use a mythstreaming server, and serve the streams by third party upnp server (am i right)

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> On 10/30/07, Bart Theeuwes <theeuwke at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Hi All,
> >
> > I'm struggling (and waiting) until MythTV supports Live TV over UPNP. It
> > seems that this gona take a while.
> >
> >  I want to watch televission on my Netgear EVA (hdtv upnp client). Does
> > anybody know a possibity, software hack or some "redirect" software to get
> > this done?
> >
> > What need to be done to implement such a feature in Mythtv? (I can do some
> > programming myself).
> I would think you need some way to present the current guide data for
> every channels as a list of recordings to UPnP clients and then if a
> UPnP command is issued to watch one, Myth needs to be instructed to
> spin up a tuner, start the recording, and then stream back the
> in-progress recording.
> Kevin
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