[mythtv] Parental controls hook for LiveTV

Sarat Vemuri sarat at svemuri.com
Wed Oct 24 19:10:02 UTC 2007

Hello all,
Still trying to work on parental controls for TV (been away for a while).
As mentioned in my previous messages, I got "recordings" handled.  LiveTV is
another story altogether. 
For LiveTV I would like to do the following
1. At each program change (not just once) Check program info parental
2. Use OSD to ask for password if necessary
3. Stop Playback as well as Recording if failed.
I thought I could do #1 in the tv_play state machine, but it doesn't look
like the "switch" or program change is handled there. Also, OSD is not
active there either. Once it is active, Daniel suggested a method to ask for
password in previous message.  
Any help in locating a "hook" point for #1 (preferably where OSD is active)
and also any help on Stopping everything (#3) is much appreciated. 
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