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John reidjr at btconnect.com
Sat Oct 20 15:08:40 UTC 2007

John wrote:
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> On a e4300 (1.8GHz core2duo) I could watch BBC-HD with glitches every 
> second, even though the resource meter suggested I was using only 80% CPU.
> Overclocked the e4300 to 2.4GHz, and I was getting 75-80%  cpu, evenly 
> across both cores, and smooth playback. Excellent, so at least on the 
> samples I tried, the slice based multi threading (whatever that means 
> :-) ) was working perfectly for BBC-HD.
> <snip>

I have updated Janne's -skiploop patch, just so it applies to SVN 
(14698). This makes a real difference to CPU usage. The patch disables 
deblocking, and unloads the CPU.

For performance comparison:
Watching smooth BBC-HD.
    Without patch         2.4GHz core2duo running at 80% on both cores.
    With Patch             1.8GHz core2duo running at 65% on both cores.

You need all of the previous patches :


plus this little update (originally provided by Janne).


Deblocking is ENABLED by default. to disable you need to add an entry in 
the myth database.


"To activate it you have run following sql statement. $YOUR_HOST is the
hostname of the frontend host.

INSERT INTO settings (value, data, hostname) VALUES ("AVSkipLoopFilter",


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