[mythtv] MythVideo unberably slow in high resolution, 100% cpu usage by X11.

Michael Haas laga+mythtv at laga.ath.cx
Sat Oct 20 12:16:45 UTC 2007

Paul Mason schrieb:

> I'm only using 1280x768 and it's slow but useable and not using 100% cpu, so
> I'm living with it.

I'm having a similar problem using the free radeon driver. MythTV is
slow even DRI and/or RenderAccel is enabled in the X server. If I
disable hardware acceleration, MythTV becomes really snappy again. Since
I'm waiting for another bug to be fixed, I haven't really investigated.
I'm not sure if we're having the same problem, but it does sound related.
BTW, slowness occured regardless of which UI painter I was using.



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