[mythtv] Channel scanner changing callsigns when set to "Minimal Updates"

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Fri Oct 12 05:43:47 UTC 2007

Should the channel scanner to be updating callsigns in the channel
table if the user runs with "Minimal Updates" set?

I had to rescan the channels on my HDHomeRun tonight and after it was
done, I noticed that all the callsigns that I had editted to match
their counterparts from other sources were now reverted back to their
original values.  I had to go back in and change them all again
manually in order to make sure that my channel records will work

I see 3 places in siscan.cpp that update the channel info.

The first in SIScan::UpdatePMTinDB() only updates the callsign if the
one in the DB is empty.  That seems good.  

The second in SIScan::UpdateVCTinDB() always updates the callsign
setting it to vct->ShortChannelName(i).  It seems like this should
be checking 'renameChannels' before doing this and should default to
using the callsign from the DB as UpdatePMTinDB() does.

The third in SIScan::UpdateSDTinDB() always sets the callsign field
to the service name.  This code also knows whether the channel exists
in the table already, so it seems like it could preserve the callsign
field as well by getting the value from the DB and using it instead
of renaming if 'renameChannels' is not set.

I don't know enough about the scanner, but I'm assuming the one
messing up my channels is UpdateVCTinDB(), but it seems like both
of the last two should be corrected.

Is there any reason that the callsign should be updated during
a rescan with "Minimal Updates" set?


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