[mythtv] Error Handling and Tuner Rollover

DISAFAN disafan at aim.com
Thu Oct 11 18:26:55 UTC 2007

I've just recently joined the DEV list, after someone pointed out to me
that the answer to my query on the USERS list might be found here. But
being that this is a development list, I'm going to change my query a bit.

One of the areas that I have seen very little discussion about it MythTV
error handling in the event of failure. My query is thus in this area.

1. In the event of a recording failure, MythTV does not record on an
alternate tuner(if available) or reschedule the recording.
2. In the event of a failure to switch a selected tune in LiveTV, MythTV
often provides no message to the frontend. It just dumps back to the
main screen, rather than popping up a simple error message, ie Recording
Failure on Tuner #1, etc.

I do know that I can check both the frontend and backend log, and
manually reschedule recordings, but both of these functions would allow
MythTV to more gracefully deal with problems.

I don't think I have the necessary background to implement these
features myself. But both of them are merely responses to error messages
already implemented. So, the question is two-fold. Does MythTV have the
ability to do these things already and is it merely a matter of
configuration settings to activate a response, and are these and error
responses like it worth implementing?

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