[mythtv] mythfilldatabase environment requirements

Alan Calvert cal at graggrag.com
Wed Oct 3 08:57:50 UTC 2007

Robin Gilks wrote:
> I'm somewhat stuck with using tv_grab_nz-py in conjunction with
> mythfilldatabase.
> tv_grab_nz-py works great from the command line but running it from
> mythbackend as a scheduled mythfilldatabase activity causes problems which
> may be related to my environment. If I can get some idea of the
> expectations of the grabber/backend combo then perhaps I can fix it!!
No doubt someone will tell you that this belongs on the user list, but here's
what I'd try. It might be a little left field of what you're trying to do,
but ... set up a script /usr/local/bin/gomythfilldatabase that sets up _all_
the necessary environment then calls /usr/local/mythtv/mythfilldatabase.

When the script works properly from the command line, set the mythfilldatabase
command in myth to '/usr/local/bin/gomythfilldatabase'.


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