[mythtv] List all episodes of a series

Glenn Harris gharris+list+mythtv at eklo.com
Tue Oct 2 19:18:07 UTC 2007

On 10/2/07, Dan Wilga <mythtv-dev2 at dwilga-linux1.amherst.edu> wrote:
> I'm considering developing (what I think may be) a new feature, and
> I'd like to gauge interest and see if anyone has done anything
> similar already.
> I'd really like to be able to see a list of all known episodes of a
> given program, with indicators of whether or not each one has been:
> - watched and deleted
> - recorded, but not watched
> - scheduled to be recorded
> - not yet broadcast
> Ideally the UI should allow you to:
> - see when  a given episode was originally broadcast, when it was
> recorded, etc.
> - get more info about it (show the tv.com site?)
> - play it, if currently recorded
> - create or modify an existing recording rule
> - maybe show a screen shot
> I guess the hardest part is getting a reliable source for the data.
> IMDB lists all the episodes, but has little else for many programs.
> TV.com has a pretty good list, but no XML that I can find (though it
> does have a printable version that could be scraped).
> Then there's the issue of searching. If the series is named "Doctor
> Who", how do you know if it's "Doctor Who (2005)" or the original
> series from the 60's?
> Anybody have suggestions?
> --
> Dan Wilga                                                        "Ook."

I have been using tvrage.com for a while now as a pretty reliable
source of information about shows and series.  They have some sort of
'web service' type thing that lets you get some quick info about a
series or particular episode:

And you can submit a search query like: "ep lost 2x15" to get to the
description page for the 15th episode of the second season for Lost:
redirects to:

Unfortunately the episode description page does not seem easily scrape-able.

Good luck!


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