[mythtv] scheduled recordings mysteriously not recording?

davatar davatar at comcast.net
Tue Oct 2 01:59:36 UTC 2007

I haven't seen a scheduler issue in years, but recently using svn 14478 
(Sept 10th, for schedules direct) I've been noticing that recordings that 
are scheduled for recording mysteriously just disappear when they are 
scheduled, with nothing notable in the log. Also once or twice recordings 
seem to stop early, i.e. 38 out of 62 minutes, also with nothing out of the 
ordinary in the logs. I can't find any list traffic about it either. Anyone 

This may have been happening for a while, but now "important" shows are on, 
like Heroes tonight, which I am sure was scheduled to record this afternoon 
in HD.

I have 2 local tuners both with shared analog/HD input, and one remote 


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