[mythtv] System Flash drive and mythgallery

Sam Logen starz909 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 1 04:17:20 UTC 2007


I have another issue with the Mythtv system I'm
building - this one an aesthetic issue.  My system
incorporates a flash drive for some of its system
files.  Whenever it is mounted, the OSD switches to
the mythgallery browser - as if it thinks that the
flash drive contains pictures or other media.  The
flash drive is recognized as /dev/sdb.  How can I get
mythgallery to ignore this drive?  I have an attached
flash card reader for anyone who wants to insert their
flash cards from their cameras, so I don't want to
disable all flash drives; just /dev/sdb.  If that's
not possible, can I disable mythgallery's
autodetection of removable drives?

My intention is to have the flash drive booting the
computer, and remaining mounted.  So when the system
boots, I'd like it to boot to the main menu and not
the mythgallery browser.

I would very much appreciate any help on this,

Pinpoint customers who are looking for what you sell. 

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