[mythtv] HAL and myth was "thoughts about the "mythtv sucks" comments... " was "video sources"

hendrixski hendrixski at storsint.com
Thu Nov 29 21:26:29 UTC 2007

> The problem isn't that MythTV has dozens of developers waiting for good ideas 
> to implement, it's the opposite, there are hundreds of ideas and tickets to 
> be worked on but only a handful of people willing or able to spend their time 
> working on it.
If the problem is that there are not enough core developers in Mythtv, 
then what is being done to recruit and train new ones?

I browsed the website, SVN, and wiki, and I see no documentation about 
"How to become a core dev".  Not even a list of who the core devs are 
nor tales of their heroic hacks.  Is everyone listed in the AUTHORS file 
still active? I would have assumed Mr. Dean was a core developer had it 
not been mentioned above.

 - Hendrixski

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