[mythtv] thoughts about the "mythtv sucks" comments... was "video sources"

hendrixski hendrixski at storsint.com
Wed Nov 28 16:54:12 UTC 2007

>     >> I take that to mean that even if it's not immediately apparent,
>     it's
>     >> easy enough to figure out without needing any extra help from
>     someone
>     > >else. So maybe it's good enough. :)
>     >
>     > This line of thinking is why MythTV sucks so much more than it
>     should.
>     Let me just check on the code you've submitted and see how much
>     better
>     you've tried to make it.
> I didn't contribute a single line of code to Windows ME, either.  I 
> suppose I'm not qualified to suggest it could have been better than it 
> was?

I think this thread deserves more attention because
  A) it's entertaining
  B) it actually scratches the surface at 2 really good issues
    1)There's no shortage of people who can say "this sucks, now make it 
    2)There's no shortage of people who say "oh yeah, well you're a 
poopy-pants because you're not 13337 enough to express your ideas in code".

Do you have a valid suggestion of what to modify (in the code) in order 
to fix the lack-of-apparentness bug?  If not, would you be willing to 
work with someone who can help you formulate that suggestion, and to 
learn how to implement it?

Would you be able to help Chris learn how to make the modifications he 
needs to contribute a patch?  It's really as simple as pointing them to 
the right manuals and saying "Read This Fine Manual", and then answer 
their questions about it once they've read it, maybe even doing a 
code-review while they're working on their patch.

 - Hendrixski

I am contributing with the Vex Browser thing with San... so hopefully 
you'll be seeing a totally awesome patch with my name attached to it 
soon.  :-)

 - Hendrixski

How to ask questions:
 * Do your homework: google it, search archives from lists and forums
 * Ask on the appropriate list or forum using a meaningful header
 * Be precise, impersonal, to the point, state your goal, and say "please" and "thank you"

How to answer questions:
 * Verify what they're asking about, turn bad questions into good ones
 * Give information, ask if it answers their question.  Rinse & Repeat
 * Not all manuals are created equal! link to your favorite one and say "Read This Fine Manual"

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