[mythtv] playbackbox periodically jumps to the bottom of the title list

Dan Wilson dwilson at dslextreme.com
Wed Nov 28 07:51:04 UTC 2007

On 11/27/2007 at 11:35 PM Dan Wilson wrote:

> It is unclear to me what the best fix is for this.  Null values need to
> be handled in some way, but what is the best way to deal with this?

I have corrected the null originalairdate values for all episodes that had them, and the problem has cleared up for those titles.

Knowing now what the problem is, I looked at the database and saw that all of the movies I have recorded also have null original air dates.  If I go to one of the category lists, such as "War", and scroll through those movies, I  see the same behavior - the cursor suddenly jumps to a different spot in the list.

The list sorting algorithm has a definite blind spot when it comes to null values in the original air date field if one is sorting by original air date.  I would be happy to code and test a patch if someone with some experience with this piece of the code could provide me with some kind of guidance as to how it would be best to handle it.  Should the null values simply be ignored and some other field be used for determining sort order for that record?


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