[mythtv] myth-setup configuration via a web browser

Stephen Birch sgbirch at imsmail.org
Thu Nov 22 08:53:45 UTC 2007

Back end configuration - is there a better way?

My experience of installing myth involved sitting down with the config
screens with a set of HOWTO instructions gleaned from the myth site and
from the web on another machine.

The problem with the config screens IMHO is that they are really too
terse to understand, the paragraph of text describing each option is a
great idea but somewhat limited.  Even worse, when I needed more
information I had to turn to google.  Google became an necessary part
of the configuration process.

While a fully myth system has to work from a remote control, does the
config also have to be that way?

Wouldn't it be a better experience if the configuration took place on a
web browser connected to the myth computer from another computer or
from a desktop running on the myth box, an approach that is very
popular with consumer appliances these days?

A browser configuration tool would give all the advantages of a
browser.  Diagrams, reference material, full descriptions etc etc would
all become available to the person doing the configuration.

Mythtv is paying a very high price in terms of user experience to make
on-screen configuration available. Is it worth the cost?

Hmmmm .... looks like I am not the only one to consider this:



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