[mythtv] Video Sources - time to call them what they are?

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Wed Nov 21 13:21:25 UTC 2007

Justin Hornsby wrote:
> For some time now I've considered the possibility that 'Video Sources' 
> are causing more confusion among users than necessary.
> Those of us more familiar with MythTV have no problem understanding the 
> relationship between capture cards, card inputs & the 'video sources'.  
> For new users though, the words 'video sources' more than likely conjure 
> up images of actual video inputs - something that doesn't bear any 
> relation to 'sources of TV Guide data'.
> So, I'm proposing that 'Video Sources' are renamed 'TV Guide data 
> sources' or something similar.  I know that it'll no doubt mess up some 
> translations but if we're all on board with the idea it'll be  trivial 
> to fix.  Somewhat more involved (but hardly the end of the world) would 
> be updating table & column names to suit.
> Would anybody object to this?

Yes. 'TV Guide data sources' sounds like what Schedules Direct offers.

Something like 'TV Channel Groups' might be more descriptive of the 
things which are contained in that container. A 'Channel Group' is 
clearly a collection of TV channels which, as it happens, can be 
captured by one type of defined capture card.


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