[mythtv] Multiple Favorite Groups (Aka Ticket #199)

Bill level42 at sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 1 01:17:29 UTC 2007

I've added a new (and completely re-written) patch for multiple favorites 
groups to ticket #199.  I've being using this on my system for sometime now, 
its working great, and has helped a lot with the WAF.

I would really like to see this get into SVN and would like to work with the 
Myth dev's to get it in.  The patch from my point a view is complete, it 
provides a GUI from the settings pages to add/delete favorite groups and to 
add channels to favorite groups.  It works well with the guide (EPG), and 
one can add channels to a favorite group there too.  It allows channel 
changing and browsing in livetv to be from the favorite channels rather than 
all channels.

There are a few small clean ups that need to be done if this is accepted 
into SVN.  I will do this, but I am looking for feedback on the patch first.
1. Favorite code in remoteencoder.cpp/encoderlink.cpp/tv_rec.cpp is obsolete 
with this patch would need to be removed.
2.  The element favorite from DBChannel in channelutil.h could be removed.
3. Toggle favorite in livetv no longer works as it is not practical to show 
a menu in livetv as in the guide to select which favorite group to add the 
channel to.
4. Perhaps the menu to select the favorite group in the guide should be from 
libmythui.  Pointers here would be appreciated.

Like I said I would like to see this feature in SVN, so I'm asking for 
feedback on the patch and how I can help.

Ticket URL: http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/199 

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