[mythtv] PS3 and DNLA

stuart stuart at xnet.com
Thu May 31 15:08:32 UTC 2007

Hi Charles...

Charles Chan wrote:
> Does anyone know what's involved to enhance the UPnP stuffs on MythTV?
> If it's not overly complicated, I may give it a try.  What I would
> really want to see is rewind and fast forward for recordings.
> Thanks
> Charles
> On 5/24/07, Johannes Leupolz <joleu at web.de> wrote:
>> I use MythTV svn over wlan with my PS3, and it works for recordings and
>> videos. For Music it doesn't work (yet).
>>> My understanding was DLNA was just a certification for a UPnP
>>> implementation.  I have tested the new firmware and it does not see
>>> the MythTV (v 0.20) as a streaming media server however if I use the
>>> Intel AV Media Server from Intel Tools for UPnP Technology the PS3
>>> sees that as a streaming media server.

I am not the one to answer this as I am thinking about doing the same.

However, to save you some time, this is what I understand.  Currently 
MythTV 0.20's upnp is basic and support for music is broken.  Mythtv 
changed the data base around which caught up with the upnp author(s) 
(David and Greg I think).  I believe the problem is fixed in the SVN 
source code. There is some good reading in the mythtv wiki about upnp 
here including what to do next:
...I don't know how up to date this is with what's in the SVN.

Ideally, a UPNP client could do everything you can do w/the mythfrontend 
program.  However, I very much doubt that is possible.  Never the less 
it's obvious we can improve the MythTV's UPNP server by adding features 
like UPNP RUI.

At this point, perhaps someone could clear this up for me: Is UPNP RUI 
the same as the added support found in programs like WizD?  That is, I 
believe, WizD enhances the UPNP server / user interface by sending out 
HTML like web pages which have some special HTML code to associate 
remote control button presses with messages sent back to the UPNP 
server.  I think this is a feature found in SigmaDesign/Syabas media 
players.  For all I know, this WizD->Syabas protocol may be a Syabas 
only and not a UPNP RUI protocol.  Anyone know?

...Oh, as far as rewind and fast forward.  Right now I am trying WizD 
and a Galaxy 3500 client to watch my mythtv recordings.  There is no 
fast forward or rewind.  Rather, while you are watching a video, you can 
press a number (1-9) and jump to that percentage of the video (i.e. 3 
gets you to 30% through the video).  You can then move by 1% jumps by 
pressing the left and right arrows.  I don't remember if that already 
works for MythTV or not.

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