[mythtv] MythWeb: bAdding Ajax to main TV Page...

Jochen Kühner jochen.kuehner at gmx.de
Mon May 28 07:52:53 UTC 2007

have you started work on this, or not?

if not, i'm ready to work on patches wich will include the changes from 
the soc branch....

Chris Petersen schrieb:
> Jochen Kühner wrote:
>> If i change the main page in mythweb to use ajax to get the details when 
>> the mouse moves over a program, will that changes be accepted in mythtv???
>> wich ajax library have i to use??? the prototype.js??
> It's already been implemented as part of the summer of code project.
> Its author just hasn't had time to merge the changes over.  If he
> doesn't soon, I'll be doing it within the next month or two.
> -Chris
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