[mythtv] firewire 0-byte recordings?

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Thu May 24 16:21:18 UTC 2007

Steven Adeff <adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com> says:
> has the handling of 0-byte recordings matured to where they should
> no longer make their way to the recorded list? I'm still getting
> quite a few 0-byte recordings via firewire that show up.

I still run 0.20-fixes (now 0.21), haven't seen a 0-byte FireWire
recording in quite a while (I'm tempted to say months; certainly
weeks), only saw them perhaps a half dozen times in the almost 18
months I've been recording via FireWire, and can pretty much guarantee
that my two DCT-6200s are busier than anyone else's.

My strategies for FireWire success (mostly a recap of various posts to
mythtv-users over the past one and one half years):
* At reboot, prep the FireWire ports with firewire_tester
* Set the FireWire connections in mythtv-setup to the appropriate
  host/node settings and Broadcast and 200mbps via the settings from
* After any physical disconnections and reconnections or cold restarts
  (not just pushing the Power button off then on) of the cable boxes'
  FireWire connections, use 'plugreport' to see whether the nodes have
  migrated. If so, make the appropriate changes in mythtv-setup and
  any firewire_tester or channel-changing scripts (I don't use any
  myself). 0.21 should take care of the migration issue by identifying
  nodes' GUIDs, right?

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