[mythtv] Status of MacOS backend?

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at cogeco.ca
Tue May 22 12:42:00 UTC 2007

At 8:09 PM -0400 5/21/07, David Abrahams wrote:
>Some time ago, I contributed firewire recording support for MacOS,

Thank you!

>built frontend *and* backend applications.  My G4 mac mini couldn't
>really support HD playback, but it was still useful and fun.
>Unfortunately, through the slow decay of systems rot, my Myth
>installation is now no longer working.  I'm thinking of upgrading to
>an intel-based mac mini and the latest MythTV now, but last time I
>tried to build a MacOS backend, the build failed miserably.  Is the
>mac backend still working in some form?

I am not a developer but a couple of us were able to build the front and back ends recently both on a G5 and an intel Mac.  You can read more at AVS:


I don't have a compatible tuner so I'm not doing much with it (long story).  The other person I worked with (Joann) has it working with an HDHomeRun and wants to connect it to a Firewire source.  Last I heard, she hasn't done that yet.

BTW, the Firewire SDK 23 initially caused the build to abort.  It appeared that osx-packager.pl was trying to build everything in the Examples folder.  So I deleted Examples and the build then completed successfully. 


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