[mythtv] Ticket #3389: French translations

Allan Stirling Dibblahmythml0015 at pendor.org
Tue May 22 06:39:57 UTC 2007

Stephane APIOU wrote:
> Hi Oscar,
> these files are a big work on french translations for all mythtv plugins !
> This job was done 3 weeks ago against the last version (at that time) of 
> the SVN.
> You could replace the french versions of this files from the repository 
> and execute the lupdate to have an uptodate version of them !
> Please don't be so intansigent about this work and send all of this to 
> the trash  !
> best regards
> Stéphane
"Closed, invalid" means that at the time the ticket was 
looked at, it was not valid.

It does not mean the patch will never be applied, just that 
it currently needs more work.

In this case, you have supplied the ts files themselves.

Since you're just changing some files, not adding new ones 
(as far as I can see), the easiest method for you to get a 
patch you can upload directly is:

svn diff >frenchupdate.patch

from within the mythtv (root) directory of the source.

Then just upload that patch.

Doing this makes reviewing and applying your patch easier 
for the maintainers.

Thanks for your work!



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