[mythtv] Power consumption

Richard Röjfors richard.rojfors at home.se
Tue May 22 06:35:50 UTC 2007

Hi everyone,

thanks for developing such great software!

I have been using mythtv for a couple of yers now and am quite happy,
now I'm going to build a small box and need to keep the power
consumption down, expecially in idle mode (for instance in the menu
system). A way of doing that is running 2.6.21 with dyn-ticks enabled.
That is what I do, but I don't get the result I was hoping for since
mythtv wakes the CPU very often.

My top mythtv related "wakers":
frontend ~150
backend ~100
lcd-server ~85

I have only looked into the frontend and saw that the UI is updated by a
70Hz timer, even if nothing happens in the UI. I'm afraid that behaviour
must be changed to avoid waking the CPU. 
It wakes the cpu at 70Hz after startup, but now after a while in the
double frequency (I'm in the menu system). I haven't looked into why,
might the refresh timer have been started twice?

I haven't looked into the other apps yet. But the lcdserver waking the
CPU at 85Hz doesn't feel good.

Any ideas, suggestions, work arounds appriciated!

Best Regards
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